Designing for a sustainable future

Our Services

New Product Design Development

Your company's success is connected with how successful your product is. We are here to help you overcame the design challenges and create the best product that will ensure your position among the top players on the market.

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Mechanical Engineering Design

Mechanical Engineering is the starting point for manufacturing industries. We are here to help you solve your design and mechanical challenges.

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Production Detail Drawings

We produce professional 2D drawings that will save you time and resolve all the production challenges before they appear.

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Reverse Engineering

We can help you create a new product based on an already proven design. Learning and keeping the best aspects of a product's past design, we can create a better product.

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About US

Who We Are

LineUp Engineering is a creative company focused on designing for the future. Our team is passionate, always coming with new ideas and having an out of box thinking.

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Why choose us

We are a new set of eyes, one phone call away, ready to deal with an unexpected engineering design issue with minimal hassle for yourself.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver high-quality design focused on these important facts.

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