Why choose us

The company was created to fulfil a gap witnessed through extensive conversations and experience with many companies and design engineers over the years.

We think that the main challenge in mechanical design is by far the struggle faced by many companies when choosing the right design. Moving back and forward before choosing the right design is not progress and doesn't ensure the evolution of your company.

Any great design needs to have the requested functionality but also a personal touch of the designer considering the aspects requested. Through our design, we can make a difference in your future.

We are your new set of eyes, at just one phone call away, ready to deal with an unexpected engineering design issue with minimal hassle for yourself. Also, we can available at all stages of a project from concept to manufacturing. 

Using LineUP Engineering will provide extra resources, fresh ideas, and eliminate continuity problems or delays. 

The LineUp team means your project will stay on track and profitable throughout!

Give us a call!